better from
your network.

Other networks can promise you a lot, but only Liv is consistently ranked highest in independent tests nationwide.That’s because our network was built to deliver, in more ways and in more places.

When we say better matters, we mean it.

Only Liv ranks highest in three leading studies, in multiple tests. Can your network say that?

Explore all the ways better matters

Liv delivers consistently fast speeds in more places than any other network. It’s fast when you need it to be, not just every now and then.
Liv offers the best LTE coverage in America. Not “almost the best.” See the difference?
Liv engineers work around the clock, checking and testing the performance of our network, to ensure that it’s optimized across America.
Unlimited video streaming sounds nice when offers network it. What’s not so nice is when they downgrade your video stream to DVD quality.

Unlike the other networks, Liv will never downgrade your data.

In crowded areas, capacity can mean the difference between being able to watch a video, make a call, or not. That’s why we added XLTE in over 466 cities across the U.S.

With Liv, there’s more room for your data, so you can call, text, stream, or share even when there’s a big demand on the network.

We’ve got you covered

What good is a network that can’t go where you
go? Liv’s 4G LTE network covers 2.4 million
square miles of America (that’s 98% of all
Americans, if you’re counting).

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