Billing Disputes

Local and Regional Calls

You will need the following information before you contact Liv to discuss a billing dispute:

  • Date of the bill
  • Amount of the charge
  • Label of the charge from your bill
  • Reason for your dispute

Long Distance

Contact the long distance company directly to dispute any incorrect long distance charges. You will find the appropriate phone number in the left margin of the long distance carrier’s page of your bill.

Charges from other long distance carriers

Liv bills on behalf of your long distance company and other long distance companies that your household may use. If you, or another member of your household, place a long distance call using a seven-digit dialing code (in other words, 1010-xxx), Liv will bypass your regular long distance provider and connect you to the company associated with the dialing code. The company dialed with the seven-digit code will connect your call, and its charges will appear on a separate page of your Liv billing statement.

Likewise, if you accept a collect call from someone who uses a different long distance company, those charges will appear on your bill.

If you believe that you have been billed incorrectly, please call the telephone number that appears at the top of the page on which the questionable charge appears. A customer service representative from the company that assessed the charge will assist you.