Customer Relocation Program FAQs

General Information

The Customer Relocation program is designed to assist Liv Cellular customers moving from one Liv Cellular area to another.

It is important to update your billing address to ensure your billing information is kept current. You can change your billing address in My Liv.

As the Liv Cellular network covers nearly 90 percent of the population, chances are high that you will be moving to an area serviced by Liv Cellular. You can verify your relocation destination area by checking Coverage Locator.

If you are already on a national calling plan, you may not need to change your existing plan. Regional calling plans may not be available for every market. If your current plan is not available in the new market, you may be asked to change to a currently-offered calling plan. The Customer Service Representative will be able to analyze your current and anticipated usage to determine the best plan to fit your needs.

There are no fees for changing your calling plan or your area of use.

If you change your service, your first bill will most likely reflect prorate charges. On your first bill after you change your calling plan, we will bill a prorated (partial month) portion of the monthly access charge. The prorated amount is calculated from the date you began service to your firstbill cycle date or effective date of the calling plan change. The total prorated amount will also include the next month’s access charge if applicable. We calculate allowance minutes and features in the same manner.

You may need to purchase new equipment. This is determined on many factors including but not limited to your existing and new calling plan(s), service areas, and equipment. Your Customer Service representative will assist you with this process.
It depends on the plan type. If you are keeping the same plan and promotion in the new market as the old, your contract will not be extended. The contract, however, will be extended if you purchase equipment at our discounted prices or accept a new promotion.