Domestic Roaming FAQs

General Information

Roaming is the ability to place and receive calls on cellular networks outside your home service area.

Some carriers take up to 45 days to forward roaming charges to our company. Therefore, there may be a delay in billing roaming charges resulting in charges to subscribers appearing on multiple billing statements.

When roaming, you may be charged for incomplete calls based on the visited market’s billing policy for rating calls.

Yes, service area maps are available on our website. View your local coverage area.

Coverage is not guaranteed and not all calls will be completed, especially in areas where either we don’t:

  • Have a license to provide service
  • Provide coverage
  • Have a roaming agreement with another carrier

In these extremely limited circumstances, if you successfully place a call to 911, due to emergency features within the mobile device, the call may be transacted without our knowledge or involvement. If a call to 911 can be placed through the network of a carrier with which we don’t have a roaming agreement, it’s not technically feasible to provide the callback capability from the public safety entity (PSAP) back to the originating wireless device. We are taking proactive steps to minimize this occurrence by seeking roaming agreements broadly with many carriers, but cannot expect to arrange such agreements with all carriers.