My Liv for Prepaid FAQs

General Information

My Liv for Prepaid is a secure online portal that helps you manage your prepaid account and device from anywhere.
In My Liv for Prepaid you can:

  • Add funds to your prepaid account
  • Set up and manage Auto Pay
  • View your current usage detail for data, minutes and messages
  • Change your prepaid device
  • Switch your prepaid plan
  • Add more high-speed Add On Data
  • Check your prepaid account balance
  • View your payment history
  • Review your prepaid plan details
  • Manage the features on your prepaid account (e.g., Caller ID Block, Ringback Tones, etc.)
  • Edit your personal profile, contact info and My Liv sign-in details
  • Reset your Voice Mail password
To sign in to My Liv for Prepaid:

  1. Go to the My Liv Sign-In page.Note: You can also click the My Liv tab at the top of any page on our website to sign in.
  2. Enter your prepaid mobile number and Password.
  3. Click Sign In.
On many devices you can set call and message blocks from within your Contact List. If there’s a number you don’t want calling or texting you, find that person in your contact list and turn on the block option. If the number you want to block isn’t in your Contact List, you can add it and then block it. That number will be unable to call or send you text messages.

The steps to block a contact will vary by device. Refer to your user manual for instructions.


Visit the Payment page to add funds to your account using a debit card, credit card or a prepaid Refill Card in My Liv for Prepaid.

You can also set up Auto Pay to automatically add funds to your prepaid account each month.

The following credit cards are accepted:

  • Visa®
  • MasterCard®
  • Discover®
  • American Express®
Yes, you can add funds to your Refill Card on the Payments page in My Liv for Prepaid.
Yes, when you make a payment with a new credit card in My Liv for Prepaid, you can choose to save that card for future payments.
Visit the Set Up Auto Pay page in My Liv for Prepaid to select your Auto Pay settings and enter your credit card details.


You can view the following usage types in My Liv for Prepaid

  • Data: Amount of MB / GB you’ve used
  • Minutes: Number of minutes you’ve spent on calls
  • Messages: Number of text messages you’ve sent or received

Plan & Data

To purchase more high-speed Add On Data instead of using reduced speeds of Always-On Data:

  1. Go to the Usage page in My Liv for Prepaid.
  2. Click Add More Data.
  3. Follow the onscreen prompts to purchase more Add On Data.

You’ve successfully added more high-speed Add On Data to your account.

Your plan details and features are available on the Plan & Data page in My Liv for Prepaid.