Rebates FAQs

General Information

Mail-in rebates are offered to eligible customers purchasing and activating select plans.
If the plan you purchased is eligible for a rebate and you purchased it from a Liv Cellular store it would be done automatically.
You can check the status of your rebate by emailing us. Please wait up to 2 weeks from the date your submission was mailed for information to be available.
Please use the Account Owner’s name and the mobile number that’s eligible for the rebate.

Deadlines vary by offer. Please refer to the deadline information listed on your rebate form.

Mailing addresses vary by offer. Please mail your rebate form and any other required documentation to the address specified on your rebate form.

Once your rebate has been submitted and received, your original paperwork won’t be returned to you. If any questions arise regarding your rebate submission or it gets lost in the mail, you’ll need this information to have your rebate processed.

No, each rebate submission should be mailed in its own, separate envelope. This will help ensure that each request is mailed to the correct address and processed properly.

You should make a copy of the receipt for each rebate that you’re requesting.

For Authorized Retailer purchases, submit:

  • The first page of your Customer Agreement with purchase location and order information
  • The corresponding page of your Customer Agreement indicating the rebate-eligible mobile number and Device ID (MEID / IMEI)

Unfortunately, you’ll be ineligible for the rebate if the rebate period has expired.

No, rebates can only be submitted by email.
No, the rebate forms are sent to a different address than your bill payment. To ensure you receive your rebate, please submit the proper materials to the address on the rebate form. Your bill payment should be sent to the address on your Liv Cellular bill.
Typically, your rebate will be mailed within 3 weeks after receiving your rebate submission, but may take up to 6 weeks.
Once your submission is received, it must go through a verification process before the rebate is mailed. In most cases, your rebate will be mailed within 3 weeks of our receipt of your rebate submission.
No. To obtain a replacement form, please go to one of the following:

  • Our online Rebate Center
  • The My Documents and Receipts page in My Liv
  • The original place you made the purchase
If you’re an Account Owner or Account Manager, you can print a copy of receipts from My Liv.

If the receipt isn’t available online, please contact the original place of purchase for a duplicate receipt.

If the rebate was valid on the date you purchased your new equipment, you can obtain a new rebate form with the correct dates by contacting the original place of purchase or visiting our Rebate Center.

It means that all the requirements of the rebate weren’t met. You’ll receive a postcard in the mail outlining the unmet requirements. Please read the postcard carefully and return it along with the necessary items indicated. Make copies of all documents for your records.

This means that all of the requirements of the offer weren’t met. Please read the postcard carefully and return it along with the necessary items indicated to the specified address. Make copies of all documents for your records.

If you have additional questions about your rebate, you can contact our Customer Service.