Spam Controls FAQs

General Information

Spam Controls enable you to block unwanted messages and consist of two services, Call & Message Blocking and Internet Spam Controls. Liv Cellular provides these free features to block certain phone numbers and Internet addresses from contacting you.
Go to the Internet Spam Blocking page in My Liv. You can block up to 15 email addresses, domains and/or text names.

If the message is originating from an email address or web domain, enter the email or domain to be blocked. Internet Spam Controls allow you to designate and block up to 15 email addresses, text IDs and/or Internet domains from sending text or multimedia messages to you.

If the message is originating from a phone number, visit Call & Message Blocking and enter the phone number of the individual who you wish to block. Call & Message Blocking allows you to designate and block up to five phone numbers from sending text or multimedia messages to you.

Liv Cellular uses sophisticated anti-spamming software to protect you from spammers. For those few messages that may get through, we offer Internet Spam Blocking.

Liv Cellular supported the passage of federal legislation aimed at providing consumers with control over receipt of unsolicited electronic messages, or “spam.” We employ tools in our network to detect incidences of spam sent to our customers’ cellular devices, and we also provide customers with tools to manage and even restrict receipt of such messages.

Liv Cellular has also been aggressive battling spam in Court. Over the past two years, Liv Cellular has filed lawsuits against several companies it has accused of sending text message spam to its customers.

Companies and individuals who send unsolicited text messages to wireless phones violate the Federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act by using “auto-dialing” equipment to send large bursts of text messages to sequential phone numbers within very short periods of time. These spammers also often use deceptive means to hide the identity of who is sending the spam and to avoid filters that Liv Cellular and other mobile operators use to prevent spam from reaching their customers.

Text messaging is a great and increasingly popular way to communicate, but unwanted or unsolicited text message spam to our customers’ handsets is unacceptable. Liv Cellular has a long track record of protecting our customers’ privacy, including through lawsuits, and will continue to do so. Liv Cellular remains committed to defending the strong wall of customer privacy we’ve built over the years through its network practices and its industry leading pro-consumer policies.

For those messages which do get through, Liv Cellular provides Internet Spam Blocking to enable customers to block spam from reaching their device.