Transfer your service FAQs

Learn how to transfer a Cellular number and billing responsibility to a new account owner.

We’ve made it easy to transfer your wireless number to another individual, or you may want to take ownership of someone else’s Cellular number. Use the information below to get started:

General Information

A transfer of service provides you the ability to transfer control of a line to another person, as well as assume responsibility of a line from another person’s account.
Yes. The account must be in your name or you must be the approved Account Manager if it is your employer or organization offering the discount. If the account is in the name of another family member, friend or significant other, you’ll need to complete a transfer of service into your name to be eligible to receive the discount.
Yes, as long as they meet the age requirements (18 years of age, 19 in Alabama) and undergo a credit evaluation.

Transferring service and device payments

Yes. The device payment agreement must be active and current and the person taking responsibility for the wireless number and agreement must be eligible.
There a couple of options, depending on the situation:

  • If you have retained lines on your account, you may be able to continue monthly billing
  • If all lines on your account have been transferred, you’ll be billed the remaining balance of your device payment agreement on your final bill