Understand and Change Your Plan FAQs

General Information

To find out which plan you have, go to the My Plan page in My Liv. Your plan details and current features and services will be listed for you.
You can view your allowance minutes, messages and data allowance from the My Usage page in My Liv. To view more details about the plan, click on the plan name link.

Note: If you have more than one mobile number on your account, select the one you want from the dropdown in the My Devices section.

If you want to switch to the new Liv Plan, you can change your plan online:

    1. Go to the Change Your Plan page in My Liv on your smartphone, tablet or computer web browser.


    1. Click Select in the Switch to the new Liv Plan section.


    1. Select the plan size you want. Make sure to pick a size with enough data to share between all devices on your account.Note: A default plan size will be selected for you based on the number of devices on your account and the average data usage of Liv Cellular customers. However, your actual data usage may be more or less than average. If you aren’t sure how much data you typically use each month, you can use our Data Calculator to help estimate your data usage.


    1. Click Switch to this Plan.


  1. Follow the onscreen prompts to review your changes and confirm your plan change.Note: When reviewing your changes, you may have the option to choose when you want the changes to take effect. To select a different date than the one recommended, click Change Effective Date?, select a new date and click Confirm.

You’ve successfully switched to the new Liv Plan. If you chose to switch your plan at the next bill date, your plan will become active on that date.

No, your upgrade eligibility won’t be affected by a plan change.

No, your contract end date won’t be affected by a plan change.
No, there’s no cost to change your plan or your allowances in My Liv. However, your monthly access charge, taxes and surcharges may increase or decrease depending on the price of the plan you choose.
If you have The Liv Plan or most older plans, you need to switch to the new Liv Plan if you want to change your data allowance.